I’ve decided to start a Patreon account to support #DanceTogether and my other weird game projects.

I really enjoy making games free to play. Rather than focus on ideas that are most likely to financially succeed, I want to create experimental, non-typical and/or unique games that nobody has made before. I am not against paid games by any means, but by definition I will be unsure of the potential market for the games I make. The problem is, if I don’t make back the money I invest into these games, I won’t be able to continue making them.

With Patreon and the support of people like you, I can create artistic interactive experiences that I don’t have to have any direct way for me to make money off of.

All money I receive through here will go 100% towards the games that I make. This will include:

1. Hiring other artists and developers

I predict the majority of these funds will go straight to other creators. I can only do so much by myself, and eventually I will need the help from others to finish up a game.

With funds from here, I can commission graphic designers, musicians, translators and others to make my final products as high of quality as possible.

2. Tool and service fees

Such as single time purchases like software licenses as well as on-going fees from hosting and other backend services.

3. Marketing and promotion

From physical giveaways like stickers, flyers or buttons to business costs like festival entry/trade show fees, marketing asset creation or even travel expenses.

Last, and most important, every single dollar you give will go towards Motivation.

My time is my most precious asset. My job requires long hours, often nights and weekends. I want time to spend with my family. I struggle with finding decompression time. Game Development for me is relaxing. It is both my career, and my hobby. But, it’s still work. No matter how fun it is, it’s hard to find the motivation to work after a long exhausting day working on something else.

For me personally, I find accountability makes a huge difference in how I prioritize my time.

I told people about my idea for #DanceTogether years ago, and I did not make the time to actually create it until I forced myself by committing to pay the fee to submit to IndieCade no matter what. Like paying for a personal trainer at the gym, because I sunk money into it I made the time to make sure I had a prototype build ready.

With Patreon, I know there will be somebody keeping tabs on my progress. Every time I work on these side projects and post an update, I’ll get more funds I can use to make even more progress and an even better next update.

I did not wish to sell the game or fund in advance through a service like Kickstarter, because frankly I don’t know how often I’ll be able to develop due to work and family. I may not be able to “finish” the game in a reasonable amount of time, if ever. Through Patreon, I can develop the game in public polishing and adding new features whenever I get the ability to.

Sometimes I may go a few months between an update, and other times I may get on a roll and do more than one in the same month. Like the projects I’ll be creating, this will be an experiment for me.

With Patreon, I’ll have flexibility. If at some point I have an interesting idea for an interactive fiction short story, I can write and release it free to everyone to earn additional funds for #DanceTogether and other larger projects. Eventually, I’ll have saved enough to commission bigger pieces/additional assets.